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Use it or lose it!

Health funds—love them or hate them—if you're a member you need to make the most of your hard-earned dollars.

Some eligible health fund plans have allowances for dental work. The catch is that the credits for this, don't roll-over if you haven't made use of them within a certain time period. 

These cut off dates are usually the end of the calendar (or sometimes financial) year. 

Unfortunately each health fund has different terms and dates so we can't be specific here, but we do encourage you to make the most of what is rightly yours.

Contact you health fund to find out exactly what you're eligible for and importantly, make note of the dates for expiry of deductions.

We aim to remind our community when the general deadlines are close, but of course the rules of your fund will apply.

If you have outstanding dental credits that you want to use up now, get in touch to book a visit.