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You're too kind!

Last year

Who can believe it’s been a whole year since our last ‘Smile’ month?! For those of you who are new to the practice or didn’t get the chance to celebrate with us last time, Smile month is a chance for the Cole team to reflect on our work as health carers.

Smile month is based around World Smile Day and beyond simply smiling, the sentiment behind it is based much more around acts of kindness.

The research

The amazing thing about kindness is that science has found it not only boosts the person you’re showing it to, but it provides a healthy dose of natural, feel-good chemicals within the person delivering the act.

Further to this, when we feel good in this way it sets off a chain reaction of benefits helping us with everything from motivation and better digestion to improved sleep and physical well-being.

Gotta get us some of that!


The other fun fact is that kindness is contagious. When people are recipients of kind acts they’re much more likely to continue the idea and pay it forward. In a world where we’re continually reminded of bad things, a bit of kindness can go a long way.

That’s why in October, we’re taking things a step further to spread some heart-felt joy within our community. We don’t just want to create great physical smiles (after all, we can do that with our eyes closed!) but in addition, we want to make our clients shine from the inside out.

To say thanks for trusting and supporting us, we’ve created some special message stickers for you. What’s important to know is that the intent is genuine and we’ll choose them individually and specifically just for you. We hope that they’ll make your day.

The twist

As our friends, you get to have some fun too! We’d love for you to get on-board the kind train and choose messages for our team members, that reflect your thoughts on them.

Together we’re making Octobers a feel-good kindness party in the spirit of creating a brighter world, a brighter day, brighter clients and a brighter workplace! Happy Smile Month xx