Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry solutions will help you smile with confidence, laugh without putting hands over your mouth or simply just brighten your smile.

To smile with confidence, to laugh without putting hands over your mouth or you just wish to brighten your smile? Veneers, crowns, implants and tooth whitening are some of the choices you can have to makeover your smile. For a free smile makeover consult please call Cole Dental ph. 07 3205 5811 or email [email protected]



You can have your teeth straightened and no-one will know how you’re able to do it. Invisible teeth straightening may be the solution for you. Call Cole Dental to make a consult appointment.

Implants & Restoration

Missing teeth, gaps and ill-fitting dentures can make you feel older than you are and dentally crippled. Not being able to eat that crunchy apple or mouth-watering steak can be very disappointing. Implants are as close to growing back your own teeth that are available today. Cole dental have dentists that have completed the extensive training required for implants and our patients can now have all their implant requirements fulfilled at our Strathpine surgery.