A healthy mouth is an investment in self-care and wellness. 

That's why it's important to keep your visits regular and preventative. Not only does this habit save you from larger, uncomfortable problems—but it's much kinder to your purse when treatments are always simple, rather than large and complex. Getting 'regular' is our number one money saving tip!


What are the costs?

With new evidence rapidly coming to light about the links between oral health and general health, it's important to understand that cost isn't just about money!

Having a healthy mouth gives you a much greater quality of life from birth through to your golden years, and may prevent problems in other parts of your body! (For example, here's an article we wrote about links to heart health).

Risk free

Everyone's case is different. Solutions can vary greatly in complexity and cost. So without a full assessment of your individual situation it's difficult to publish pricing here.

Instead, what we do is take time to give you a comprehensive exam. We make sure that you're comfortable and we explain—in plain English—what your choices are, including the benefits; any downsides; and what each will cost. That way you can weigh up all the options and select one which is right for both you and your pocket. It's only then that we'll ever begin treatment!

Uncompromising care

You should be free to visit the practice of your choice without being penalised by health insurance companies. If you're pressured toward a 'preferred provider' you may save a few dollars—but the ultimate cost to you may be greater than you realise! When a practitioner is under burden to meet quotas and material costs, the results are never good. 

For this reason here at Cole, we've consciously and proudly chosen to remain an independent practice. That way we never need to compromise on: our level of care; the time spent; or the materials that are best for you. We believe that's true value for money!

Options for payment*

We understand that nobody likes the shock of a big bill, so we've come up with a number of ways to help make payment easier. Whether you're visiting for a general appointment or a consolidated treatment plan, read on to choose the option that's the right fit for you.

Ways to pay

  • Pay as you go, per visit or per procedure;
  • Set up a payment plan^;
  • Medicare bulk billing^;
  • DVA gold card^;
  • Use your insurance (as the case in work or sport accidents or trauma)^; or
  • Access your superannuation^.

Access discounted services

For those who love a discount, we offer the following:

  • Free dental for eligible kids under 18 (via the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)^;
  • A 5% discount on complete, specialised treatment plans (when total fee is paid upfront)^;
  • Discounts off non-preventative treatments, whitening systems and mouthguards for members of our popular Healthy1 Club (Healthy1^ is a great way to trim the dollars off and it also relieves the stress around making regular appointments). Click to download our Healthy1 Club brochure or connect with us to have a chat.
  • Get a referral card from one of our existing community members! There's a great, sneaky saving to be made for new friends to our practice^.
  • If you're already a regular visitor, refer a new friend with our special referral card! It's not only new client's who are well rewarded!^

We accept

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Claim directly from your health fund with HICAPS

* All clients are required to pay on the day of their appointment unless enrolled in our Healthy1 Club^.
^ Contact our team for the full run-down on how offers may apply to you.